Our Students

New Calendar (Proposed)

September 21, 2017


Due to recent school closures as a result of local flooding in August, and Hurricane Irma, it has become necessary to make adjustments to the instructional calendar.

In order to best balance our students instructional needs with the disruption that came from these natural disasters, the District is proposing returning 6 days to the 2017-18 calendar.

These changes are subject to Board approval at the October 3, 2017 Regular Board Meeting.

1st Quarter Changes:

  • October 16 - Professional Duty Day becomes a regular school day

2nd Quarter Changes:

  • December 19-21 - Early Dismissal Days become regular school days
  • December 22 - Professional Duty Day becomes an Early Dismissal Day

3rd Quarter Changes:

  • January 8 - Hurricane Makeup Day becomes a regular school day
  • March 16 - Professional Duty Day becomes a regular school day

4th Quarter Changes:

  • April 2 - Easter Monday becomes a regular school day

Our thoughts continue to remain with the families affected by Hurricane Irma. Please continue to check for recovery information, as well as locations where families can receive hot meals, water and air conditioning relief.

We are grateful to be able to help so many in our community at this difficult time, and look forward to see our students back at school on Monday.