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Students of the Week

9-2-16 Ashely Menendez

9-9-16 Sandra Soc Cite

9-23-16 Jennifer Baten Hernandez

9-30-16 Jackqueline Mejias

10-7-16  Erin Lanzby

10-14-16 Kristen Jones

10-21-16 Mireya  Vasquez

10-28-16 Alondra Velazquez 

11-4-16 Yvette Diaz

11-18-16 Norma Gonzalez

12-2-16 Silvia Francisco

12-9-16 LaLa DeMarco

There's an APP for that! -VROOM


New science tells us that our children's first years are when they develop the foundation for all future learning. Every time we connect wit them its' not just their eyes that light up - it's their brains too!

VROOM is a free app that foucses on making a daily connection between adults and children. Go to your app store and check it out!